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Formed in 1967 by vocalist and keyboard player Al Kooper, Blood Sweat & Tears releaed its first album in February 1968. Child Is Father to the Man just made it into the top 50 in the USA but was generally well received by the critics. However, after a short tour, Al Kooper was sacked from his own band.

Trombonist Dick Halligan took over keyboard duties and Canadian vocalist and songwriter David Clayton-Thomas was brought in behind the microphone. The band's second album, Blood Sweat & Tears, was recorded using the then brand-new 16-track tape technology and was released in December 1968. It went to number 1 in the charts and won the Grammy for Best Album in 1970.

The album contained three chart-topping hits - You've Made Me So Very Happy, Spinning Wheel and And When I Die. Spinning Wheel was written by David Clayton-Thomas, nominated for a Grammy under three categories and won Best Instrumental Arrangement. The other two hits were both covers - You've Made Me So Very Happy was a 1967 single for Brenda Holloway on the Tamla label while And When I Die was written by Laura Nyro and recorded both by her and by Peter Paul and Mary before Blood Sweat & Tears got hold of it.

Blood Sweat & Tears 3 contained two his singles, Carole King's Hi-De-Ho and Lucretia McEvil, written by David Clayton-Thomas.

The 1971 album Blood Sweat & Tears 4 only reached number 10 in the charts, and neither single broke into the top 30. It marked the end of the band's commercial success and both Clayton-Thomas and Halligan left soon afterwards.

Six more albums followed before Nuclear Blues in 1980 really was the end of Blood Sweat & Tears.

To hear more of Blood Sweat & Tears, the music and the politics, tune in to Dave Hewitt as he presents Blood Sweat & Tears - In Focus on Phoenix Radio at 8pm on Saturday.

Once again, Saturday evening is when Phoenix Radio turns to its dark side. DJ Cruel Britannia presents Fadeout - an hour of the best in goth, darkwave, industrial and alternative. It's a good introduction for those listeners just getting to grips with the genre and an unashamed wallow in favourite tracks for the more dedicated.

So pull on your leather and join Cruel Britannia on Fadeout every Saturday at 7pm, as usual on Phoenix Radio.

Paul Baker will foray into the world of Prog Rock on Sunday. As usual on Soundscapes, Paul will review the latest releases, talk about and to the major artists in the genre, and perhaps even get out one of his infamous 'long tracks'.

To find out what's happening on the Prog scene, be sure to tune in to Phoenix Radio from 3pm every Sunday for Soundscapes with Paul Baker.

Wednesday night favourite Ian has a wide range of musical tastes. From post-rock to post-metal, post-punk to post-hardcore. That's why he hosts (POST) - a weekly look at everything that no-one else plays.

So whether you like Cult of Luna, Isis, Pelican, Mono, Sigur Ros, This Will Destroy You, Porcupine Tree or a host of other 'cult' bands, listen in to Ian's favourites on (POST), this and every Wednesday at 7pm on your favourite station - Phoenix Radio.