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English folk-rock singer, songwriter and guitarist Roy Harper recorded his first album, Sophisticated Beggar, in 1966. Columbia Records then picked him up to record his second album, Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith (1978).

Thereafter he recorded for several record labels, with the same results. The labels wanted pop songs, Roy Harper didn't want to write or record them.

One of the outstanding songwriters of his generation, for many his career peaked with the album Stormcock, recorded for Harvest in 1971. It contained just four songs, the shortest just over seven minutes in length. Commercial it was not, but it WAS a fine album and is cited by many musicians as an influence on them and their careers.

Over the years, Roy recorded with many artists - Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Paul and Linda McCartney to name just a few.

22 studio albums, 10 live albums and many collaborations after he started, Roy is still going strong at 75. Phoenix Radio presenter Dave Hewitt is a fan, and he will present Roy Harper - In Focus this week at 8pm on Saturday. Be sure to listen in.

Once again, Saturday evening is when Phoenix Radio turns to its dark side. DJ Cruel Britannia presents Fadeout - an hour of the best in goth, darkwave, industrial and alternative. It's a good introduction for those listeners just getting to grips with the genre and an unashamed wallow in favourite tracks for the more dedicated.

So pull on your leather and join Cruel Britannia on Fadeout every Saturday at 7pm, as usual on Phoenix Radio.

Paul Baker will foray into the world of Prog Rock on Sunday. As usual on Soundscapes, Paul will review the latest releases, talk about and to the major artists in the genre, and perhaps even get out one of his infamous 'long tracks'.

To find out what's happening on the Prog scene, be sure to tune in to Phoenix Radio from 3pm every Sunday for Soundscapes with Paul Baker.

Wednesday night favourite Ian has a wide range of musical tastes. From post-rock to post-metal, post-punk to post-hardcore. That's why he hosts (POST) - a weekly look at everything that no-one else plays.

So whether you like Cult of Luna, Isis, Pelican, Mono, Sigur Ros, This Will Destroy You, Porcupine Tree or a host of other 'cult' bands, listen in to Ian's favourites on (POST), this and every Wednesday at 7pm on your favourite station - Phoenix Radio.